Why You Need An Austin Personal Injury Lawyer

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You may not be sure if you need an Austin personal injury lawyer http://colleylaw.net. There are some important reasons to make the call today.


Texas Statute Of Limitations

In Texas, you have two years to file a claim after experiencing a personal injury. It is not in your best interests to wait until this deadline approaches. It could ruin your chance of a successful lawsuit.

First, hesitating may cause essential evidence to change or disappear. If you hesitate, your attorney may not be able to obtain the evidence he needs to make a valid personal injury claim.

Second, you may need to pay out of pocket for medical care or treatment. This can include care you need before filing a claim, and all of your medical expenses if you lose the case.

Third, depending on your particular situation, a person you should sue may decide to sue you instead. One example is an automobile accident. The driver who was at fault may hire a lawyer, and you could be forced to pay compensation for an accident that was not your fault.

These are only some of the reasons to contact a lawyer immediately after an accident. You should not depend on the statute of limitations to work in your favor.

How You Can Benefit From A Personal Injury Attorney In Austin


One of the most important benefits of a personal injury claim is compensation. Financial compensation is also known as damages. When you experience an injury, you need medical care and possibly ongoing treatment. You will not have to pay for your care out of pocket after a successful personal injury lawsuit.
Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may lose time from work. Without compensation, lost income can mean having no money to pay for your everyday living expenses, urgent bills, or support for your family. A successful personal injury claim can help you maintain your standard of living, and not need to worry about money.

Pain and suffering can accompany an injury. When someone harms you through his carelessness or negligence, you are entitled to fair compensation. Whether your injuries are severe or merely stressful, you can focus on recovering and healing from your injuries.

Your lawyer will also be a source of emotional support. Regardless of how serious an accident is, it is a worrisome experience. You want a legal expert who is compassionate and professional.

Your lawyer can answer your questions, ease your mind, and provide the information you need to proceed with your case. Whether you are facing a court battle, a settlement, or concerns about the future, you will not be alone.

Fair Compensation And Your Austin Personal Injury Attorney

You may have heard you have the legal right to file a personal injury claim without assistance from an attorney. There are many reasons you should not take this course of action.

One reason is you will not receive the compensation you deserve. Whether you file in small claims court or agree to a settlement from the insurance company, you would be accepting much less than a fair amount. It would not likely cover your expenses and losses related to the injury.

A second reason is there is too much room for error. All it takes is a small mistake to make a claim invalid. Whether you use the wrong paperwork or miss a deadline, you would see why personal injury claims require a legal professional.

Do You Have Doubts About An Injury?

People often hesitate in contacting lawyers after accidents because they feel their injuries are too minor. This is another mistake you cannot afford to make.

If you assume your injuries are minor, the person responsible for your accident may take this opportunity to file a claim against you. However, there is an additional reason you should not guess about your injuries.

In many cases, the extent of injuries can take time to develop. You may not know how much medical care you need, or how much time you will lose from work, until weeks after the accident or even longer. You do not want to be in the position of needing fair compensation when it is too late to file a claim.

Your Austin Attorney For Personal Injuries

The most common personal injuries involve vehicles. They include car, motorcycle, truck, and pedestrian accidents. However, these are not the only types of accidents that can be covered in a personal injury claim.

Consumer product liability is another category. Perhaps you were injured by a defective product, or used a medication that did not meet appropriate standards or warnings.

A dog bite can be a personal injury. If you are bitten by a dog and need medical care, you can bring a claim against its owner.

If you are injured in a slip and fall accident, you can file a personal injury claim. You can file the claim whether the accident occurred on someone else’s property, at a business, or on public property.

While these are among the most common examples, there are other situations in which personal injury claims can be valid. The way to know how the law applies to your particular situation is to discuss your situation with a lawyer.
Regardless of the circumstances, it is stressful to be involved in an accident. You have many worries in addition to the physical pain. You need someone on your side who will provide accurate information, helpful advice, and legal representation.

This is why your first call should be to an Austin personal injury lawyer. Do not provide any information to anyone else beyond what is required by law. Your lawyer will assist you throughout the entire process until your case is satisfactorily resolved.